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You are a host, restaurateur, activity provider?
Give us your most beautiful shot that represents your establishment or activity and appear on the tourist guide of your sector for our tourists and distributed in our three Tourist Information Offices! An advertising insert is reserved for you with information about your establishment, a personalized description and a photo!
Enjoy communication on our website, on our social networks with 1 post per year by structure on Facebook and Instagram and on our newsletter with a special insert once a year for an organized event.
By subscribing, you will also be visible in the software availability and last minute offers.

Service + for nature activities? Does not include motorized activities
Look in the documentation of the CAN (Comptoir des Activities Nature), available in self-service in Tourist Information Offices and enjoy direct resale at the reception desks of your services. (10% commission)
In addition, enjoy a highlight on our website with a special insert with a photo, your logo and a redirect to your website.

You are an association? Do you organize events like shows? Evenings ?
To have more impact on your events, leave us the ticket office, we take care of selling your tickets in our reception desks and online on our website! (7.5% commission).
Enjoy a special inset with enhanced visibility on our events calendar once a year for an organized event.
For more information on ticketing, please contact Rebecca PRE rebecca.pre,ccmorvan,fr

Are you a producer, trader or craftsman?
The Tourist Office holds a shop with all kinds of products! From food to leather goods, producers or craftsmen, sell your productions in our shops! (Subject to agreement following a study of the possibilities by the Tourist Office Morvan Summits and Great Lakes, commission to study according to the products)
For more information on the shop, please contact Chantal RIELA chantal.riela,ccmorvan,fr

And for all subscribers!

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Bring us your flyers, business cards in our Tourist Information Offices, they will be self-service and presented in order to be seen by tourists.

You can not move to all three offices? No problem ! Leave us the quantity you want and we will distribute them in our different premises.

If you wish, we can accompany you to integrate the new regional database to be visible on various tourist internet sites: Nièvre, Region, Morvan Park.

Announce your events in advance, they will be broadcast on our weekly newsletter.

We make you more visible on our different communication media for example on our lake plan (if you are in the perimeter of one of them) and on our Facebook account.

We can integrate you according to your service in our packaged stays (according to convention)

You are not subscriber of our services?

You can benefit from some services

You can leave your business card in a folder available to tourists in the offices of the Tourist Office.

You can pick up some tourist documentation in limited quantities.

Your establishment is referenced in the guide of your sector with just your coordinates.

We can register you in the regional database with your basic information.

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Tourist Office of Morvan Sommets et Grands Lacs

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Bureau d'Informations Touristiques de Lormes
5 route d'Avallon, 58140 Lormes
Tél : 03 86 22 82 74
Opening time :
Wednesday to Saturday : 10h-12h30 and 14h-17h.
Tuesday : 14h-17h. Closed on sundays and holidays

Bureau d'Informations Touristiques de Château-Chinon
6 boulevard de la République, 58120 Château-Chinon (Ville)
Tél : 03 86 85 06 58
Opening time :
Monday and from Wednesday to Saturday : 10h-12h30 and 14h-17h.
Tuesday : 14h-17h. Closed on sundays and holidays

Bureau d'Informations Touristiques des Settons
Les Settons, 58230 Montsauche-les-Settons
Tél : 03 45 23 00 00
Opening time :
Monday and from Wednesday to Saturday : 10h-12h30 and 14h-17h.
Tuesday : 14h-17h. Closed on sundays and holidays

Le projet "Pôle de Nature" et le projet "Accueil de Nouvelles Population sur le territoire des Grands Lacs du Morvan : une attractivité fondée sur des filières innovantes" est cofinancé par l'Union européenne. L'Europe s'engage dans le Massif central avec le fonds européen de développement régional.

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