Picnics in Morvan

The picnic corners of the team!

  • Florence

"The ideal corner, where I often go for a picnic is at the pond Goulot Lormes.
All around, tables and benches are available for lunch quietly facing the water. The ingredient that I do not forget: a terrine of Morvan full of flavors with a small piece of fresh bread ... A treat!
To complete my little meal break, I choose to walk on one of the hiking trails. In the distance, I can see children playing, laughing, on the playgrounds, fishermen concentrated on their lines, sports enthusiasts who take the path of health or ply the paths on mountain bikes.
Next time, if the weather allows me, I will opt for a swim in the pond before enjoying the summer events! "

  • Laura

"In the company of Mango, my dog, our place for a successful picnic is on the shores of St Agnan lake.This lake, half forest is like a look of resemblance to Canada. Stop on a wooden table for a gourmet break and leave my meal A wild place that fits us in the wild.
In the off-season, when there are not too many people, Mango can jump into the water, while me, I enjoy the first rays of calm sun with a little reading. Dressed in a light sweater on the back, I like to have lunch in autumn by the lake, when the trees change color, the place is just as beautiful and pleasant. "

  • Fanny

"The place: For me, the ideal in good weather is to extend a cover on the top of Mont Beuvray.
In love: the landscape is breathtaking and the beauty of the place is ideal to exchange a kiss or a complicit look!
With the family: cars can not circulate and children can run safely between bites!
Only: for the silence and majesty of the place that allows everyone to focus on themselves!
My little indispensable ingredient: A slice of Morvan ham! Yum ! "

  • Arnaud

Passionate about sports-nature, I like to discover unusual places to my friends, a picnic is a great excuse for that!
With friends or family with children over 8, I bring them to the Dog Rock in the forest of Breuil-Chenue (Dun-les-Places).
With sports shoes, we bypass the rock and climb, the slope is rough but fast. Almost upstairs, a natural staircase leads to the top of the huge boulder.
Once arrived, the forest is offered in front of us with an unobstructed view of the leafy and fir trees of the Morvan. It's time to enjoy the picnic from the bag!
After the meal break, multiple hikes are possible to the park in Daims or the dolmen de Chevresse, undergrowth and rivers waiting for you!

  • Gwendoline

"The place: go enjoy the incredible site of the Cradle of Haute-Roche in Marigny-l'Eglise (The fox thatch).
Alone: ​​this very quiet and preserve place is ideal for taking incredible pictures, play on the brightness and rays that cross the shadows of the woods.
A two: after a short hike, share a meal on the go in the middle of nature on a remarkable place!
With the family: The children will be able to hide and play in peace while the parents, well settled on a stump will be able to watch them having fun.
My secret ingredient: An apple juice Morvan will make a superb accompaniment for your lunch. A Morvan trout terrine to be savored on small mmmm toasts! "

  • Charlotte

"For me, the perfect place for a successful picnic is on Settons Lake Island!
My little family and I, our backpack filled with good things, are ready aboard our pedal boat, to join the island for our meal break. Once the bank joined, it is the moment to unfold the tablecloth on the ground, in a small corner of shaded greenery.
My favorite ingredient: a piece of gingerbread with honey Morvan for a sweet note at the end of the meal!
From here, we feel good; in peace and in full nature. In between bites, we hear the birds singing just above us and the children playing the adventurers.
From this island, one sees the water that ripples, and sparkles with the rays of the sun. We recognize the Pagoda which seems very small, as well as a multitude of nautical activities: sailing boats, jetskis, catamarans which make the happiness of the vacationers ... "

Tourist Office of Morvan Sommets et Grands Lacs

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Bureau d'Informations Touristiques de Lormes
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Tuesday : 14h-17h. Closed on sundays and holidays

Bureau d'Informations Touristiques de Château-Chinon
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Bureau d'Informations Touristiques des Settons
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Monday and from Wednesday to Saturday : 10h-12h30 and 14h-17h.
Tuesday : 14h-17h. Closed on sundays and holidays

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