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Fishing on the Great Lakes of the Morvan

Settons Lake

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GPS point: 04°04'27''E - 47°11'19''

A lake combining tourism and fishing, located a few kilometers from Montsauche Les Settons, Lake Settons is a great place for fishing and practice all kinds of water activities.
Classified in 2nd category fish and belonging to the public domain, its surface is of 359 ha for a length of shores of 12,8 kilometers. Fishing is managed by the Montsauche les Settons Fishing Association, "Haut Morvan Region".
Located in a small area, it is fed mainly by the fresh waters of the Cure and Lyonnet. Its average depth is 6 meters and reaches a maximum of 18 meters at the foot of the dam.
Its slopes are gentle and in some places have beautiful reed beds serving as caches and spawning grounds for the many fish that inhabit its waters.
The access to the banks are numerous and well marked trails allow to fish along the lake.
Two islands are on the upstream part: a small one near the tail of the Lyonnet, and a large one in front of the tail of the Cure, near Chevigny.
The fish population consists of a good population of predators (pike, perch and perch), carp, and white fish.
Two courses are also open to fishing carp at night on both sides of the "beach of the green hut", on the right bank of the lake, on the tourist route south of the lake. They represent about 3 kilometers of banks.

- Night carp fishing: 2 areas open from March 1st to June 30th, and from September 1st to October 31st, 2900 meters in total, wild camping prohibited, biwis allowed, prohibited ground fire.
- Day fishing all year long and on the whole lake.
- Beautiful Common Carps and Carps mirror, 10 tons people the lake from 2 to 30kg per unit with an average of 11kg per unit.
- Peaches with boilies, corn and natural bait.

The catch fishery:
The family fishing all around the lake there are schools of Gardons and Rotengles by modest funds ranging from 1m to 6m allowing everyone to be on the floating line small lead and small cap a nice frying.

Another family fishery: the crayfish signal is to be found on the stony edges with 6 maximum scales baited with a small fish securely attached, to be consumed without moderation.

The carnivores:
- 3 species are mostly available on the lake which are pike, perch, perch and some trout.
- Predator fishing is carried out from shore to live on floats, pater noster or leaden.
- Some enthusiasts prefer fishing by boat on the whole lake in funds of 6m to 16m with soft or rigid lures in the vertical or throwing brought back, throwing with swimming fish or spooning N ° 1 to 5 following the size of the sought-after fish as well as the zipper, the drop shot and the hand-held dead.

Which launch (access):
The launching of fishing boats is authorized all around the lake, including Chevigny, Genièvres, Dam left bank and the port of Faye Bay right bank

Authorization / prohibition / payment:
Pontoons "except for the Green Cabin south of the lake tourist route" are forbidden except for the tenants of the boat site.
Fishing in a boat: thermal engine allowed (free up to 6CV paying beyond royalty to pay at the house of the great lakes or at the gate of the port of Faye)
Read the signs around the lake for any annual changes that may be made.

Fishing Card Purchase Locations:
Montsauche-les-Settons: Tourist Office Great Lakes House, 03 45 23 00 00
Settons Lake: Activital Base Nautique, 03 86 84 51 98
Moux en Morvan: Town Hall, 03 86 76 11 50

Lake Pannecière

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GPS point: 03 ° 54'20 '' E - 47 ° 08'36 '' N (launch of Chaumard)

The largest lake in Nivernais!
Spreading in the ancient valley of the river Yonne, making it the largest body of water in the department of Nièvre.
Powered mainly by the Yonne River and the Houssière, Lake Pannecière is the largest and most emblematic of the Morvan.
With its 520 hectares filled, this dam offers sumptuous and diverse scenery, ranging from steep rocky areas to sandy beaches ...
Its tidal range is very important during the fishing season. Its function of cliff of floods of the Seine conditions its operation and the storage of the water in winter period. He must then "destock" during the summer.
For the carnivorous population, no worries to be made.

- Night carp fishing:
This lake offers 3 sectors of night they are signposted towards Bonin left bank, in front of Vauminot right bank, in front of Chaumard and Arringette right bank on the point of Huard. Large population of Common carp and carp Mirror, more than 12 tons are present ranging from 1kg to 30kg the unit

The catch fishing:
All around the lake are present Gardons and rotengles allowing to make good fries

The predator:
The must for zipper and vertical fishing with soft lure.
All other fishing techniques are also valid

Techniques that work :
All techniques can work, but it depends a lot on the season and the mood of the fish. Fans of the zipper can however reach more fish at the beginning of the season during the months of May and June. Live employees should not be too big. In autumn, when the fish are active, the dead fish handled gives good results. The poles for their part, bite quite well on small "shads" or lead pallet technique.
From the edge, the quick fishing allows not to hang on and present a beautiful roach to the choppy sanders who do not want to "run" after a lure. The steel crinel is de rigueur because pikes are quite numerous.

Big population of perch and perch, normal population of beautiful pike.

Which launch (access):
Boat fishing Lake Pannecière was created in a valley formerly frequented by man. Many remains of bridges, low walls, or other constructions are now under several meters of water. These are positions very popular with carnivores, and of course by connoisseurs. Boat fishing makes it possible to reach all the interesting places of the lake.
Launching is present all along the length of the lake, which avoids to take too many kilometers on the water when one wishes to fish a specific sector.
Numbering 7, they are located at Bonin (2), Vauminot, Chaumard, Arringette, Vissingy and upstream of the bridge in the Ardilly tail (arrival of Yonne). (see map)

Authorization / prohibition (eg certain pontoons prohibited to fishing) / payment:
Thermal engine allowed, but limited to 6 HP - 4 strokes.
This dam lake belongs to the private domain. Unlike the Settons and Chaumeçon Lakes, it is not in the public domain. Fishermen outside the department will have to pay EHGO Reciprocity Tax, even for single-line fishing.

Places to buy fishing cards (all resellers):
Château-Chinon: Press House, 03 86 85 13 55
Vauminot: At the reception, 03 86 84 71 76
Corancy: Camping des Soulins, 03 86 84 47 52

Lake Saint Agnan

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GPS point: 04 ° 05'39 '' E - 47 ° 19'43 '' N

A little Irish air ...
Lake St Agnan, located on the border between Yonne, Côte d'Or and Nièvre, is a beautiful lake of second category fish.It extends over 150 ha in an outstanding landscape setting combining forests and large meadows reminiscent of Ireland.
Little tide in this lake, but many habitats corresponding to the requirements of predators.
Its depth does not exceed 20 meters. The very irregular bottoms are dotted with tree stumps and rocks which constitute positions of predilection for the Pike perch, Pike and Pike which populate the waters of this lake.
Its banks, apparently gently sloping, take a much less regular profile as they pass under the surface of the water. Do not be fooled by appearances !!!
The posts housing the many predators of St Agnan just waiting to be discovered.

Night carp fishing on 600 m near the dam
(March 1st to June 30th and Sept 1st to Oct 31st).

The catch fishing:
All around the lake possibility of frying roach and rotengles

Fishing with 6 scales with a small fish well hooked.

The predator:
The pikeperch, pike and perch are well represented, all the techniques are to practice

The techniques:
The choice of a particular technique would not make it possible to have good results all the year and on all the types of predators ... It depends on the season, the activity of the fish, and the place of the lake that you want to prospect. And even ! Better to plan several montages in order to foil their often whimsical mood.
A few words, however, on a technique to know when we track the Pike perch and perch lake: the "zipper".
It must first have a cane very sensitive and having a scion flexible enough not to wake the attention of predators when touching.
A small reel trimmed with wire between 22 and 26 hundredths is enough to equip it. Then, the assembly is simple: a small olivette of 5 grams (largely enough to fish in water), a bottom of line of about fifty centimeters in 18 hundredths, and a hook number 2 or 4 according to the size of the and the desired fish (pikeperch or perch). A swivel can be added in order not to twist your thread and weaken it.
The alive ones are simply stung by the nose and must remain alive.
The fishing action is to throw your little fish in the water and bring it back more or less slowly by successive shots close to the bottom. Mark a break time every time! The little biting fish are often tempted by this type of animation slow enough.
The key can occur during the draw, and it must quickly relax the line to let the predator swallow your life without arousing his distrust, or during the stop.
It's your turn !

Launching (access):
Two sets are available to fishermen: one located upstream of the lake, near St Agnan, but on the bank opposite the village, and one in the middle of the lake, still on the right bank, height of the village "the Guénifets", towards the former nautical base.

Authorization / prohibition (eg certain pontoons prohibited to fishing) / payment:
Authorized navigation, electric motor only. Attention, the lake is not part of the Public Domain, a map Nivernaise or interdepartmental reciprocity is necessary.

Fishing Card Purchase Locations:
St Agnan: Town Hall, Wednesday and Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm, 03 86 78 72 44
St Agnan: Chalets La Jarnoise, D226 direction La Roche en Brenil, 03 86 78 73 14
St Agnan: The Old Inn, 03 86 78 71 36
St Agnan: Camping du Lac, The Castle, 03 86 78 73 70
Marigny l'Eglise: Auberge du Crescent, 09 52 09 29 84

Lake Chaumeçon

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GPS : 03°55'04'' E - 47°17'13''N

Lake Chaumeçon, a lake near Brassy in the Chalaux Valley, is the smallest dam lake in the Morvan.This is not the least interesting for the practice of fishing.
Its 135 hectares of water are spread out in a 7-kilometer long valley, offering a wild and varied landscape passing from the large areas of shallow seagrass on the upstream of the lake to the cliffs and the depths of the proximity of the dam its grounds are granitic and strewn with stumps and drowned trees.
This lake is famous for its good carnivorous population.Pike perch, perch and pike find here all types of habitat suitable for their life cycle. Breeding is favored by the significant tidal flow of the lake, which firstly allows vegetation to grow in the lake, then, in a second stage, impounding the grassed areas at the time of spawning.
Chaumeçon is also well stocked with white fish and carp.
Despite the lack of fishing at night, carp anglers trying this lake during the day are delighted.Carps are indeed little used and therefore less suspicious than on other bodies of water. The majority of fish are around 10kg, but the lake has not been emptied for nearly 30 years, large specimens are present.
For fishing boats, two accesses are possible all year round in Porcmignon, on the left bank, and in Vaussegrois, on the right bank.
Only the electric motor is allowed for navigation.
The practice of the edge is possible, but travel on foot are limited by often steep banks.
Lac de Chaumeçon, like all AAPPMA lots, is part of reciprocity.
All fishermen holding an annual or periodic card can go there.

From the edge, access is reduced when the lake is full. As soon as it falls, fishing can be done from the bank all around the water.Note the presence of a handipêche pontoon at the end of the lake, near the Brassy road. Easily accessible, it is only possible at the beginning of the season (May to July) when the water is still high enough.

Carp fishing at night prohibited:
Big population of carp to fish only during the day

Crayfish fishing:
Signal to the scale with a small fish well hung in the lake and Chalaux

Fish and techniques:
This dam lake is a typical pond for predators.The poles are numerous and can be fished worm before the opening of zander and pike throughout the tail of the lake. Then, the lead pallet technique gives excellent results when they are more active. The animation consists of making fairly dry shots upwards. The special lead twirls and causes the assembly (which can be coupled with a plastic lure) in random directions thanks to its flattened shape. The poles are very sensitive.

For zander, the zipper, soft lure fishing (small shads) and the more static technique of live fishing form the top trio of the most effective methods on Chaumeçon.

Pike are numerous in all bays and other slightly shallower areas. The strong tidal range of the lake makes it possible to constitute good areas of seagrass favorable to reproduction.Look for them to fish swimmers (rapala type) or to the dead manned with a heavier mount!

Launching boats on Lake Chaumeçon:
When the lake is at its highest level, 3 launchings are passable: one at the end of the Vaussegroix road on the right bank, one at Pormanignon on the left bank, and one near the handipêche pontoon upstream of the river. body of water. The latter becomes unusable with the drop in water when the lake is destocked.

Only the electric motor is now allowed!

Once your boat is in the water, be sure to tidy up your car so as not to disturb other fishermen wanting to use the boat trip. The paths are indeed quite narrow!

Lormes: Press House (Place François Miterrand), 03 86 22 85 36
Lormes: SARL Sylvain Jardinerie (avenue of May 8, 1945), 03 86 22 82 65
Lormes: Tourist Office Lakes Morvan (Avallon road), 03 86 22 82 74
Brassy: Town Hall, 03 86 22 20 31

Fishing in 1st category river

The Cure

Fario trout:
- Peach (worms and natural insects)
- Fly fishing (dry (artificial fly) and drowned or nymph (imitation of a larva)

The common shadow:
- Dry fly and nymph fishing in the Old Dun area

Authorization / prohibition:
- Prohibition at Montsauche from Pont de Cure to Nataloup Bridge
- Identical fishing license as for lakes
- Places of purchase: the same as for lakes

The Chalaux

Fario trout:
- Peach (worms and natural insects)
- Fly fishing (dry (artificial fly) and drowned or nymph (imitation of a larva)

Authorization / prohibition:
- Identical fishing license as for lakes
- Places of purchase: the same as for lakes

The Yonne

Fario trout:
- Peach (worms and natural insects)
- Fly fishing (dry (artificial fly) and drowned (imitation of a larva)

The common shadow:
- Dry fly and nymph fishing in the Montreuillon area

Authorization / prohibition:
- Identical fishing license as for lakes
- Shopping places: see around the lakes

The Vignan

Fario trout:
- Peach (worms and natural insects)
- Fly fishing (dry (artificial fly) and drowned (imitation of a larva)

Authorization / prohibition:
- Opening delayed to 01 July
- Identical fishing license as for lakes
- Places of purchase: the same as for lakes

The Cousin

Fario trout:
- Peach (worms and natural insects)
- Fly fishing (dry (artificial fly and drowning imitation of a larva))

Authorization / prohibition:
- Identical fishing license as for lakes
- Places of purchase: the same as for lakes

The Houssière

Fario trout:
- Peach (worms and natural insects)
- Fly fishing (dry fly artificial and drowned (imitation of a larva))

Authorization / prohibition:
- Identical fishing license as for lakes
- Places of purchase: the same as for lakes

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