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Fishing in Morvan

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  • Pêche à l'écrevisse

Accompanied by Nicolas, expert in fishing, discover the crayfish! Let's go for 3H exploration! Plan for good shoes to walk in the water and look with your family for crayfish hidden under the rocks, while listening to the advice of the specialist!
All ages are welcome! For sessions to be held, a minimum of three people are required. Places are limited to 12 participants. Children under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent.

Appointment on Thursdays 12, 19, and 26 July and Thursday, August 2 and 9 at 10:00 in the car park of the house of the guards (under the Tourist Office)

Do you want to book or have more information? Contact us at the Tourist Information Office of Settons at 03 45 23 00 00

Accompanying: Departmental Federation of Fisheries 58 (Nièvre) with Nicolas Carbo


William, whose passion for fishing has been passed on by his father from an early age, wishes to share with you his knowledge of different fishing techniques.

Instructor-Guide of fishing in certified fresh water, it will show you during half / day or day training the various gestures of the fishing by boat.

All levels are welcome, whether you are beginner or expert! You will be able to personalize with William this internship so that it can answer your needs. Whether it's learning or perfecting a fishing technique (vertical, linear, surface, ...) or anything else related to fishing, William can meet your expectations.

To find out more about its services and prices click here.

Accompanist: William MANGIN, state certified fishing guide-instructor.

Fishing with Monitor

  • Pêche avec Guide diplômé d'Etat


Guillaume, a fisherman since childhood, and fishing in the Morvan for twenty years, will be happy to accompany you and make you discover his passion in various types of fishing. His favorite technique? Fishing for trout with natural bait and lures!

Whether you are a beginner or want a development, Guillaume, holder of a state diploma BPJEPS, will bring you his knowledge for the different methods; catch fishing, fishing for trout with natural bait, fishing for trout with lures, predator fishing in lakes and rivers, crayfish fishing on the scales.
Fishing rods, reels, lures and baits ... The material is provided!

Framing for all audiences. Children and adolescents can be in groups of 2 to 4 maximums.
The rates :
- Children up to 12 years: 25 € half a day,
- Young people over 12: 35 € half day and 60 € a day
- Adults: 70 € the half-day and 120 € the day

Accompanying: Guillaume ROUILLOT Instructor guide graduate of state

The Morvan: a fishing destination!

The Morvan offers 4 large lakes, easily accessible by fishermen of pikeperch, pike, perch and carp. In order of surface, the lakes of Pannecière, the Settons, Chaumeçon and St Agnan, have their peculiarities.

All located within a radius of fifteen kilometers, it is easy to switch from one to another and change the landscape.

If you are looking for more information on fishing on lakes and rivers click here!

Need information on regulation?

You will find on the site of the Federation of the fishing of the Nièvre all the information necessary for the good practice of the fishing.
It should be noted that fishing documents and fishermen regulations are available in the Tourist Offices (paper document).
You can find fishing equipment at the Tourist Information Office of Settons (rods, dip nets, bait, crayfish baskets ...).

Your latest fishing information in Morvan is here!

Are you a fisherman or passionate about fishing? Discover the latest information on fishing through the newsletter of the Federation of fishing Nièvre by clicking.

Interdiction temporaire de la pêche du brochet et du sandre

03.12.2020 : Une interdiction temporaire empêche la pêche du brochet et du sandre, ainsi que les techniques associées à leur capture. La pratique de la pêche en bateau sur les zones identifiées sur les cartes de chaque lac ci dessous est également proscrite durant 4 semaines à compter du dernier samedi d'avril et ce pour une durée de 5 ans (2021 à 2025).

Tourist Office of Morvan Sommets et Grands Lacs

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Bureau d'Informations Touristiques de Lormes
5 route d'Avallon, 58140 Lormes
Tél : 03 86 22 82 74
Opening time :
Wednesday to Saturday : 10h-12h30 and 14h-17h.
Tuesday : 14h-17h. Closed on sundays and holidays

Bureau d'Informations Touristiques de Château-Chinon
6 boulevard de la République, 58120 Château-Chinon (Ville)
Tél : 03 86 85 06 58
Opening time :
Monday and from Wednesday to Saturday : 10h-12h30 and 14h-17h.
Tuesday : 14h-17h. Closed on sundays and holidays

Bureau d'Informations Touristiques des Settons
Les Settons, 58230 Montsauche-les-Settons
Tél : 03 45 23 00 00
Opening time :
Monday and from Wednesday to Saturday : 10h-12h30 and 14h-17h.
Tuesday : 14h-17h. Closed on sundays and holidays

Le projet "Pôle de Nature" et le projet "Accueil de Nouvelles Population sur le territoire des Grands Lacs du Morvan : une attractivité fondée sur des filières innovantes" est cofinancé par l'Union européenne. L'Europe s'engage dans le Massif central avec le fonds européen de développement régional.

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