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There's so much to see and do in Morvan Sommets et Grands Lacs. Having trouble choosing? No problem. We've put together a list of the top 10 things to do and see in our region.

Barrage des Settons
Miguel Bouttry - OT MSGL
Settons Lake
The most fun

Lac des Settons


Certainly the best-known and liveliest of the 6 Grands Lacs, it was the first to turn to tourism, becoming the resort of Morvan and beyond.

Château de Bazoches
Miguel Bouttry - OT MSGL
Château de Bazoches
home of the famous

Château de Bazoches


Visiting this castle is following the footsteps of Vauban the strategist.

Haut-Folin Antenne
Miguel Bouttry - OT MSGL
Altitude 901

Le Haut-Folin


Have a walk at the highest point in Burgundy, choosing the path that suits you best.

Musée Bibracte
Surveying an archaeological site



At the summit of Mont Beuvray, in the Morvan forest, the remains of the Gallic capital of France, classified as a Grand Site de France, are revealed.

Maison du Parc
Miguel Bouttry - OT MSGL
Maison du Parc
Understanding the Morvan at the Maison du Parc in St Brisson

Maison du Parc


Trails, herbularium, museums and activities... ideal for families.

Reprise en kayak sur le Chalaux
Spots d’eaux-vives
It's the thrill activity of this top 10!

White water activities


In the middle of the Morvan flow small rivers, which are only small in their width. The white waters that flow along their course, however, are rather... impressive!

Panoramic views

Observing the horizon


Get a bird's eye view of the Morvan from the Calvaire in Château-Chinon, Mont La Justice in Lormes or Rocher de la Pérouse in Dun-les-Places.

Saut de Gouloux automne
Miguel Bouttry - OT MSGL
Saut de Gouloux
Admire the Saut de Gouloux

Saut de Gouloux


This 10m-high waterfall can be seen along a 1km path.

Cascade Gorges de Narvau
Soa Lesport - OT MSGL
Les Gorges de Narvau
Listen to the sound of water at the Gorges de Narvau in Lormes

Gorges de Narvau


A protected natural site with a beautiful waterfall.

Barrage de Pannecière
Miguel Bouttry - OT MSGL
Lac de Pannecière
Climb to the top of the Lac de Pannecière dam

Lac de Pannecière


With a heigth of 49m, it is the highest dam in the Morvan, creating the largest of our lakes.

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