The Morvan


In France, Burgundy is renowned for its limestone hills and climates ... But come near ... You see the beautiful forest of hardwoods and fir trees, right in the heart of Burgundy? Yes ? Well, this forest is the Morvan in the Nièvre! This Regional Natural Park is distinguished by the stall and the adventure that it allows!

In the Morvan, nature predominates. Be enchanted by the different landscapes that vary with the seasons. Enjoy the moment: It's a pleasure to escape on a hiking trail, to walk along a river, in a typical Morvandelle fir forest, to pick mushrooms, to listen to the leaves cracking under your feet. shoes at every step: the escape is at the appointement.

Arrived at the top of the Morvan, stop to contemplate the breathtaking view before you. Time stops. This is the perfect place for a picnic pulled from the bag! The view is so beautiful that it is difficult to turn back.

On the way back, passing near a lake, laughter of children disperses: several families enjoy quietly at the edge of the water, some have fun on the playgrounds, with the climbing of tree, of others tan, bathe and water while some prefer to paddle in a canoe or learn to sail.

Here, the air is pure. So pure that the people who discover this territory do not want to find again the stress and the daily pollution of the city.

  • Nuit étoilée sur le lac de Chaumeçon

Let yourself be amazed ...

The Morvan is an ideal place for cycling! Mountain bike or road bike for you to choose! Go on, Pedal! Go for it! Feel the wind caress your face during your journey! Climbs, descents, forests, roads ... The different levels of difficulty will allow you to anticipate, adapt your ride to your level of experience for a most enjoyable moment.

With friends, facing the rapids rafting is a real adventure! The tumult of the Cure and Chalaux will give you adrenaline and thrills, an excellent moment of team sport.

On horseback, open your eyes, take the time to observe nature at the pace of your mount. The equestrian centers will welcome you with pleasure to propose you a hike adapted to your desires.

The history of Morvan has many secrets! You will not be able to pass by our remarkable sites without stopping there! From the time of the Celts to the Renaissance, the history anchored in our lands Morvandelles will give you the impression of jumping back in time!

With its consequent forests and the floating of the wood, it is well of the logs of the Morvan which crackled in the chimneys Parisian! Do you like culture? Let yourself be tempted by our different guided tours!

During a local event, or a local market, taste the cramps of treuffes ... Pssst Potato for the less initiated! These are typically Morvandelles pancakes! With a little luck the Galvachers of Morvan will be in representation. With their costumes and clogs, they will make you discover the traditional dance of Morvan!

Want more tourist information? Contact us by phone on 03 86 22 82 74 or by email at tourisme,ccmorvan,fr

Would you like to know more about the Morvan? It's this way !

See you soon in Morvan!

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Le projet "Pôle de Nature" et le projet "Accueil de Nouvelles Population sur le territoire des Grands Lacs du Morvan : une attractivité fondée sur des filières innovantes" est cofinancé par l'Union européenne. L'Europe s'engage dans le Massif central avec le fonds européen de développement régional.

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