Rafting sur le Chalaux et la Cure

Along the rivers

The Morvan, wild and indomitable land with many faces. Do you think it's calm? Discover its impetuous rivers! Do you dare to meet their challenge?

If you thought you knew everything about the waters of the Morvan, go down the Cure by rafting or hydrospeed.
This river is the main tributary of the Yonne, known for jumping into the Seine, but that's not all! Long of 112 km with an average flow of 16,20m ^ 3 / s this river does not lack of peps!
In Morvan, on the Cure, you will descend the thresholds of Gouloux before facing the passage of 7 bulls! Crampon well, we guarantee you full of thrills on this spot rafting and Rallye Canoe / Kayak class 3 with passages 4. Adventurers, the Cure awaits you, well accompanied you can also discover it safely from 14 years with qualified instructors!

  • Sports d'eau vive sur le Chalaux et la Cure

You are curious to discover the white water sports but the Cure you seem to spirited? Don't panic, the Chalaux will please you. This main tributary of the Cure is 36,2km long with an average throughput of 2,06m^3/s. You will start by passing the ball pool then you will go through the 400m rapids. The Chalaux will then offer you a quiet break to enjoy the landscape. You will then have the loss of the Vaux and you will end with the fall of Courtibas. This river 100% natural, although regulated by the Chaumeçon dam, will allow you to start smooth white water sports. If you want to let yourself be carried by the current while discovering our forest, the Chalaux so is ideal. This former spot of European and France Championship in the discipline canoeing/kayaking will offer you as many sensations as calm discoveries.

Enjoy the calm of the Lakes

You want to stay on the theme of water? Going up the Chalaux you will reach Lake Chaumeçon to continue to enjoy the coolness of the water's edge.
With the Cure, you can go to Lake Settons to continue on the theme of sport with activities in calm waters or so to relax on the beach.

  • Activités d'Eau Calme sur le Lac de Chaumeçon

Short break both feet on the ground

After having thrilled with sensations, there's nothing like discovering the many villages that line these rivers. Want to hike? You will find circuits for all levels whether on foot, on horseback or by bike. You will enjoy the calm of the forests and the breathtaking views of the landscape.

For the meal, find a corner of paradise to eat a picnic from the bag or stop at a restaurant to complete your Morvandelle experience.

  • Village de Planchez

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