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10 idées de sorties montagne sans voiture dans le Massif Central

Août 2019

"Grande Traversée du Morvan à VTT La Grande Traversée du Morvan à VTT relie Avallon, dans l'Yonne, à Autun, en Saône-et-Loire, en passant par Saulieu, en Côtes-d'Or, et par la Nièvre."
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Enjoy Nicole's articles about the Morvan

October 2018

On his blog "Une Belle Journée Ici ou Là" Nicole reveals the history of Morvan. Treat yourself by browsing his visits to Morvan and discovering more fully this territory plunged between forests and lakes:

"Forests are beautiful and everywhere pretty paths give you the desire to start a morning walk but we must watch our watches so as not to miss the time of our scheduled visit. We will be satisfied with a few stops to fill us with a wonderful smell of undergrowth."

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Immerse yourself in "the sweet poetry of Morvan" with Jérôme Bégon

September 2018

"The Morvan is a rustic massif located on the borders of the four departments of Burgundy (Nièvre, Saône-et-Loire, Côte d'Or and Yonne). If it rises to 901 m in the Haut-Folin, it also offers beautiful valleys like that of the Cure. Here, nothing better than getting lost in the omnipresent, almost invading nature and let slip between the big lakes and the traces of the resistance of the maquisards."

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Discover the stay "in unknown land" in Morvan of WonderTrail's team

September 2018

"It's during a Week-End placed under the sport's sign that I could discover what the Morvan could offer us more beautiful. I grant you a Week-End is too short but what I shaw and shared, really deserves to look more closely.
This little corner of France, this green lung is a low mountain massif located in Burgundy-Franck-County, in the confines of departments of Côte-d'Or, of Nièvre, of Saône-Et-Loire and of Yonne"

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Share the weekend in Morvan "almost like Canada" Bestjobers Elisa & Max

Jully 2018

"Next to last step of our #unTOURenFrance, we headed for the Morvan. The Morvan is a vast granite massif, a beautiful green setting with gentle reliefs, made of mountains and valleys surrounding large lakes, sculpting the landscape. The forest is everywhere or almost, hardwoods and softwoods cover half of the territory. Moreover we learned that it is the land of the Christmas tree with more than a million trees produced per year for France !! If we had any doubts about its announced resemblance with Canada before our arrival, we had to admit to having been bluffed. The immense lakes, the forests all around and always this wild side have indeed reminded us of our adventures in Canadian lands! "

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Passer la nuit dans une maison de Hobbit au village enchanté dans le Morvan

Juillet 2018

"Bon ok, cet endroit ne porte pas le nom que je viens de lui attribuer quoi que...Le Domaine de la Pierre Ronde, c'est un ancien terrain de camping situé aux abords de l'un des 6 lacs du Morvan, complètement réaménagé par un couple de jeunes d'amoureux ambitieux.
Leur idée ? Créer des logements insolites de toutes sortes d'abord puis dernièrement de construire le premier village d'hébergements fantastiques. C'est comme cela, qu'en peu de temps ils ont construit de leurs mains, des maisons de Hobbits..."

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Throw yourself in the water in the Morvan

June 2018
"This summer, instead of doing the crepe on the seaside, throw yourself into the water in Burgundy by testing an experience you are not ready to forget, a rafting down in the waters of the Morvan. "

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Nièvre tourism gives you 5 good reasons to discover bibracte this summer

June 2018

"This summer we promise you that you will not get bored.... We take you at the top of the Mount Beuvray on the famous archaeological site of Bibracte where new animations are planned for young and old."

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Live the roaming "Wild, Wild East" of German bloggers Katharina and Henryk

May 2018

Whether you are German speaking or simply curious, Katharina and Henryk invite you to discover their Wild, Wild "East" stay:

"Oh la la, wir lieben Frankreich! Und wenn es nach mir geht könnten wir noch viel häufiger den Franzosen einen Besuch abstatten. Es gibt jedoch ein nicht zu unterschätzendes Risiko beim Reisen in unserem Nachbarland: die Küche ist zu gut! Wer nach seinem Frankreich Urlaub keine fünf Kilo zusätzlichen Bauchspeck mitbringen will, der sollte sich vor Ort vielleicht etwas sportlich betätigen... zwischen den Mahlzeiten, versteht sich...
Bereits im letzten Jahr haben wir unseren Roadtrip durch Frankreich deshalb durchaus aktiv gestaltet: Rafting auf der Aude, SUP am Mittelmehr, Radfahren entlang der Loire... Diesen Sommer nahmen wir den Osten des Landes unter die Lupe. Was wir vor Ort entdeckten? Vor allem viele Wälder - mal mystisch und geheimnisvoll, ein anderes Mal einladend frisch mit saftigem Blätterdach.
Und was man in den grünen Lungen der östlichen Departments sportlich so alles erlebt und wen man vor Ort dabei kennenlernt? Voilà, lest mehr dazu in unseren neusten Abenteuer-Tipps zwischen Maas und Loire.."

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Discover the secrets of Château de Bazoches thanks to Nièvre tourisme's blog

April 2018

"Hidden in the heart of the valleys of the Morvan, the Château de Bazoches contains the secrets of one of the most illustrious figures in the history of France; Marshal Vauban. We reveal to you today a rather special anecdote... "

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The Morvan seen by Weekend Evasion

October 2017

"For some time, with the Parisian madness, I'm looking more and more for the calm, the nature and the return to the simple things. At first glance, the Morvan seems like the perfect area to escape the everyday, for a weekend of I think that this stay in the land of Burgundy has never worn the name of the blog ... You doubt it ? Or you do not know this region? Follow the guide and find out what to do in the Morvan time a weekend! "

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Escapade en Bourgogne entre la Nièvre et la Côte d'Or

Juillet 2017

"La première chose qui m'a frappé quand je suis entré dans ce magnifique parc naturel c'est avant tout sa verdure mais aussi la présence incroyable de l'eau. On y retrouve de nombreux lacs, torrents et même de petites cascades comme le saut de Gouloux.[...]"

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Share the serene world of World Me Now

Jully 2017

"That's what seduced me right away: nature is ubiquitous. The forest reigns supreme and we are immersed in this mysterious atmosphere, we feel like an ant. Here we almost do not meet anyone, the roads are winding and we slowly wind through the Natural Park. All that I love ! To go green, let go of the phone, the Internet, take the time to listen to nature, spend a few days here, you will not be disappointed. To be honest, I did not expect to appreciate the places, the atmosphere, and feel such fullness, and this from the first day of my stay."

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Discover the electric assistance bike in the Morvan thanks to the girl with pink sneakers

June 2017

"It's a haven of peace and freshness not far from the house! Last week-end it was hot ... very hot ... and we found a little cool in the Settons lakes! Thanks to the Tourist Office Morvan Summits and Great Lakes we were able to organize a family bike ride."

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Discover the Top 5 lakes of the Morvan to moor in the spring on the blog of happy bourgogne

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May 2017

"Morvan is the heart of Burgundy. In every sense of the word, since the Regional Natural Park is located in the middle of the region, on the four departments. It is a wooded area, hilly or mountainous, but also the region of the "Great Lakes" .... Small top 5 spots to attend."

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Embark with the Motarologist for a motorcycle getaway

February 2017

" Between Avallon and the Settons Lake, the turns happen little by little. I discover the hilly morvandiaux landscapes, the lakes, and the groves as far as the eyes can see. It could hardly be easier but I tell myself that I was not scammed, the Morvan it's really a little paradise for bikers."

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Share the exotic weekend of Voyages et du Glaz

January 2017

"This three-days stay in Regional Nature Park of Morvan is a good surprise and a excellent idea for a green stay with family. This site spans over tens of kilometers and proposes mainly big fir forest landscape and winding roads. The Park contain many great lakes. They are spectacular and formed a touristic advantage."

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Découvrez de belles photos de Loxilaux (laurentdassencourt)

Vous pouvez consulter ses photos du Morvan sur son site internet juste ici

Visit Bazoches Castle with Mme L'amoureuse and M in love with our Adventure Book

September 2016

"In the Morvan Region in Burgundy, there is a must-see castle to visit. After a torrential rain, we finally managed to access this beautiful castle on a hillside. We can also see Vézelay far off...."

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The boys of One Day One Travel share with us their Road-Trip unusual through the Morvan

May 2016

" What to do in the Morvan? Where is it? We hope after you read this article, you will change your mind and you'll quickly fall in love of this beautiful territory of legend to discover while hiking but also in more sporty mode. Accomodation side, it's 100% unusual and gastronomy side, great kitchen and 100% terroir often revisited are honored."

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Fly over the Morvan through Franck in air

October 2014

" Everything is ready to fly over a little corner of Morvan already very nice with feet on the ground. Only the camera makes me a whim just before leaving like to tell me "you don't know it yet, but a landscape like this, it is deserved"."

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Dive yourself in the Morvan's history

For the curious, as well as history buffs, you will find on the website: specialized sections with historical information who will bring you enriching knowledge!

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Tourist Office of Morvan Sommets et Grands Lacs

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Bureau d'Informations Touristiques de Lormes
5 route d'Avallon, 58140 Lormes
Tél : 03 86 22 82 74
Opening time :
Wednesday to Saturday : 10h-12h30 and 14h-17h.
Tuesday : 14h-17h. Closed on sundays and holidays

Bureau d'Informations Touristiques de Château-Chinon
6 boulevard de la République, 58120 Château-Chinon (Ville)
Tél : 03 86 85 06 58
Opening time :
Monday and from Wednesday to Saturday : 10h-12h30 and 14h-17h.
Tuesday : 14h-17h. Closed on sundays and holidays

Bureau d'Informations Touristiques des Settons
Les Settons, 58230 Montsauche-les-Settons
Tél : 03 45 23 00 00
Opening time :
Monday and from Wednesday to Saturday : 10h-12h30 and 14h-17h.
Tuesday : 14h-17h. Closed on sundays and holidays

Le projet "Pôle de Nature" et le projet "Accueil de Nouvelles Population sur le territoire des Grands Lacs du Morvan : une attractivité fondée sur des filières innovantes" est cofinancé par l'Union européenne. L'Europe s'engage dans le Massif central avec le fonds européen de développement régional.

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